Wilbarger Creek Municipal Utility District #1
Amenities Available to MUD Residents
ShadowGlen amenity center with clubhouse and pool.
The residents of the Wilbarger Creek MUD #1 can enjoy the ShadowGlen development's HOA-owned and -operated amenities.

Current facilities include the 4 acre amenity center which features a clubhouse, gym, pools with water slide, and playscape. Over six miles of pedestrian trails and access linkage wind throughout the development. There is also a multi-use field and pocket park.

As ShadowGlen continues to grow additional amenties will be added.
The ShadowGlen Golf Course
A signature feature of the ShadowGlen development is its professional-quality golf course. MUD residents are welcome to enjoy the course but should note that at this time residency does not confer any special membership benefits with ShadowGlen Golf.
The ShadowGlen HOA
Use and access to the pools, clubhouse and gym are paid through annual HOA dues. Be sure to check with the ShadowGlen HOA for information on park and pool rules and regulations, architectural review (check before you build or modify!), restrictive covenants questions, and neighborhood news.

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